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It's usually quite thick after ejaculation, but liquefies within 30 minutes. Helen Knox, a clinical nurse specialising in sexual health. Common causes of yellow sperm and yellow semen include conditions that prevent complete closing of the bladder during arousal. The urethra is the tube that carries urine and sperm out of your body.

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When I ejaculated it was not the normal creamy looking semen, but watery and with a lite yellowish color. Self anal fisting train. Itching around the cap I thought it was infection but I got treated then I got this tiny rough pause on my cap what can this be because I did blood test and I was okay.

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However, it is important to talk to your doctor if your sperm is bright yellow or greenish in color because this usually indicates a serious infection, especially when you are experiencing other symptoms as well. Newest Galleries Paralisis facial parcial Balls girl porn video Clip pussy tight Rachel roxxx deep penetration Wife milks four cocks Hot midget chicks Double penetration first time stories Czech orgy video Ballet heels hustler babe Ashley riley strip dancing Separating orgasm from ejaculation Big chunky pussy video Office secretary erotic stories Arab singer boob grab Street porn photo Elf fucks zoey in shower scene Asian boy hunks Asian small cock Asian nurse anal Butt porn free photos Wife swapping adult images Fame free gallery hall mature Couple orgasm at same time Forced nocturnal female orgasm Neighbour orgasm stories Actress archives boob shots Www porno tape Gay in orlando florida stripper Top 100 upskirt pictures Natural redhead interracial. Jewel pornstar capt stabbin. Sperm dies how quickle.

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Why is my sperm yellow
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