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Simmons L The evolution of polyandry: Global macroecology of size, sexual size dimorphism, dispersal and range size in fruit flies Diptera: These findings challenge assumptions about male-female interactions in systems with alternative mating tactics and reveal hidden processes that may influence selection patterns in the field. Extreme ecology and an extreme mating system:

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Tadpoles of many species develop enlarged tail fins in the presence of insect predators, but the function of this response is not known. Differences in mean number of days until death after production of their last surviving offspring.

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In the fruit fly, food texture sensation depends on a multidendritic neuron md-L in its tongue — the labellum. Differences in mean number of days until death after production of their last surviving offspring. If septate junctions are disrupted the germline fails to differentiate while the somatic cyst cells switch fate and form new hub cells.

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