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Brad dropped to his hands and knees, and inclined his face forward and down, making sure his lips were tightly compressed. With a huge groan, the man came. Hearing the noises I made as my throat spasmed around the massive invader, mistress pushed down hard on my head. Take my load man!

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It shot out in a white ropy stream, filling even more of his mouth up. My eyes snapped open in surprise at this intrusion as the new cock pushed in until it hit the back of my throat again.

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The cock in my mouth was suddenly thrust forward as mistress pushed down on my head, impaling my throat on that big penis. I want two at a time now, just keep 'em coming! She forced me to swallow the entire length of the penis, choking me on another man's cock. Eventually, every one of the men shot a load down my throat and one up my ass.

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