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And yes, I stand by the belief that children are better off raised only by women. I will teach my children how to respect themselves and others.

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We teach boys to be victimizers and girls to be victims. So you see I cannot trust a partner to share these parenting goals with me. And it affects the child the same as overt sexual abuse. So in this harsh, patriarchal society where women are still not treated equal, I am proud to become a single mother by choice.

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Also, corporal punishment, even minor slapping, contributes to the violence that plaques our world. We teach boys to be victimizers and girls to be victims. Okay I am done with my rant….

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Not to mention covert incest which is unreportable and happens more often than you think…. Most people have behavioral disorders because we are raising them wrong. We are letting boys isolate with porn and video games that portray women as strippers and hookers.

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