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Prizes to the Male and Female who logs the most distance running, hiking, swimming, cycling, pushups on the 1Vigor Log. Taoist thought is built upon the primary premise that every body is endowed with a limited supply of primordial energy chee and one's lifespan, including sexual lifespan, is determined by i the rate at which this energy is used up and ii a lifestyle that replenishes and strengthens that energy.

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Another Tao theorist suggests ejaculation frequency should be regulated according to the seasons with recommended ejaculations i during spring of no more than every 3 days, ii twice a month in summer and fall, and iii not at all during the cold of winter. It's a well know medical fact that semen and cerebrospinal fluids consist of the same basic incredients so preserving semen nourishes the brain by making more essential nutrients available to it.

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Frequent sex intercourse maintains a man's interest in the act as well as his capacity to continue indefinitely until his partner is fully satisfied. The most respected of the Tao theorist, Sun Simiao, quoted above, recommends ejaculation no more than once every 20 days for men over 50 and no more than once every 100 days for men over 60. An important consideration to men's health is whether there is any relationship between ejaculation frequency and risks to prostate cancer.

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