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The biological mom is the egg donor. I think he suffered from arrested development, a part of him never mentally grew up. Michael Jackson said many times that he was a Black man, proud to be a Black man, etc.

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Just on and on.... He had nurses and a nanny at the ranch to make sure the baby was cared for properly. Blanket was introduced to the world aged 11 months in Germany โ€” immediately at the centre of a media storm after his superstar father dangled him perilously over a balcony rail at a hotel.

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They don't know anything about her. Dr Schmidt, who is bound by confidentiality rules but can talk in general terms, said:

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Just look at the shit he did, especially hiring a white surrogate mother and a white sperm donor to have his "kids". You will die laughing; Davelin Arvizo, sister of the accuser, "forgot" to mention Michael Jackson had given her alcohol back when she talked to the cops, but of course remembered MJ given her alcohol on the stand. I was fortunate enought to read courtroom transcripts and all I can say is not once did he ever have anything to worry about. And hugely in denial of the fact that there was no evidence against Michael, only evidence against the accusers โ€” which proved them of grifters and con artists.

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