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Garlic has selenium in it, a mineral that may help to reduce the chances of miscarriage in women. With regard to the morphology, over the last 15 years, many laboratories have unwittingly changed their classification for the morphology of the sperm. Thus, they are obtaining information which is of very limited value to them. In fact, there are many men who refuse a seminal fluid analysis thinking that this is the only way that seminal fluid can be collected.

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In such circumstances, identifying the time of fertility with accuracy will assist couples with severe oligospermia to achieve pregnancy. It also prevents neural tube defects during the early stages of pregnancy. It is also believed to enhance male fertility. Garlic has selenium in it, a mineral that may help to reduce the chances of miscarriage in women.

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It increases amino acids which feed the reproductive system. In other words, using this system, 80 to 85 percent of the sperm could be considered to be morphologically abnormal and the sperm count could still be considered normal.

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