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Hospital workers hustle past, oblivious. It would have to be something in principle you felt happy to do. If I agreed, she said, the possibility of it resulting in a baby was remote.

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Donors are less prepared than most men for what happens to you when you meet your child. She planned to recover, then meet a man and have babies the old-fashioned way. Tina had been through too much; she decided to terminate.

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I felt I had to examine more fully what I believe. I wondered at the scientists in their lab, orchestrating on behalf of total strangers a phenomenon that usually happens in intimacy, then going to lunch.

Every sperm is scared
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She had courage and determination. If my oldest friends were getting cancer, why not me? All the intellectual disciplines โ€” ethics, sociology, psychology โ€” that frame those questions seemed profane. She had a successful career and owned a nice house where she could raise a child.

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