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Here are some tips; When you get bored; -Try to do something worthy than masturbation. You could also talk to a close sibling or cousin. There have been many claims out there about "natural exercises" that can allegedly induce penile-growth.

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At first it was like I needed to do it every night but now almost two years later I'm nearly 14 the urge is not so strong. Im 13 and I want to stop Masturbating ang Lust.. If you're 13 years old, I'm sure you are having your study. Which matters more, girth or length?

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Of course, you have to time it long enough that you can finish taking a bath but not too long that your thought of masturbating come alive. Im 13 and I want to stop Masturbating ang Lust..

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Is this normal for a boy my age? You could also talk to a close sibling or cousin. It is the time when a lot of girls are discovering their sexuality and finding out about their self.

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