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After all, he isn't committing a crime, is he? In the 'masturbatorium' The masturbatorium is to masturbation what the auditorium is to the audience:

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Nor will his wife, when he eventually marries. So what happens if, say, a couple from Bandra use sperm from donor X, and another couple from Chinchpokli also use a sample from donor X, and the Bandra couple have a son B, and the Chinchpokli couple have a daughter C, and B and C meet in college, and fall in love and get married and have kids?

Frozen sperm bank donor semen services

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His viewpoint on the merits of openness garners sympathy from Dilip Patil, director of Cryos International, Mumbai's first international sperm bank. Right on top of the pile is a special 'swimsuit' issue.

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How much do sperm doners make
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