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This 'pleasure' may however, become addictive with the person being compulsively dependent on masturbation for general well being. Drsafehands provides Online Sexual Health consultation to their patients.

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As any other addiction, this too requires consistent effort and help. Isolating yourself from others which may eventually, lead to depression Many experts agree that there is no direct relation between masturbation and fertility problems. This in turn, affects the body as a whole.

Success of sperm washing
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This in turn, affects the body as a whole. Q What are the effects of masturbation in males?

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Urge to find 'pleasure' leads to quicker climax and thus, affects intimacy with the partner Affects other daily activities, job, family, friends etc Trouble forming emotional bond with others Uncontrollable sexual thoughts, fantasies or feelings Irritability Lack of attraction towards opposite sex Sexual dysfunctions such as ED. You know you are addicted to masturbation if you are compelled to self-stimulate on a regular basis it affects your daily routine you crave for rougher, harder sex it affects your relationship with your partner it causes physical injury or harm to the genitals you are having difficulty in achieving orgasm gradually it forces you to isolate yourself from the real world.

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