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Select action to perform with checked... See any problem with this page? Women had better sexual desire, orgasm and satisfaction after Vitamin D supplementation — Feb 2018 Testosterone and erectile function increased after vitamin D supplementation — Jan 2018 Birth rates doubled with male Vitamin D intervention — RCT Nov 2017 Increased Testosterone and Erectile function, decreased weight with Vitamin D — March 2017 Assisted Reproduction — 5 studies concluded vitamin D repletion helps — Review March 2015. Vitamin D - roles in women's reproductive health - Nov 2011.

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Hide Health Problems and D. How 60 ng of vitamin D enabled pregnancy - a personal story. Pregnancy Overviews Fertility and sperm Women. Semen worse when vitamin D lower than 20 or higher than 50 ng — Oct 2012.

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This page is in the following categories of items in each category. Fertility and sperm 95 Category 132. Overview Women and Vitamin D.

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