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Once the colleges start, I'll get more donors. The best quality of sperms are sic in the first part of the ejaculate. I look closely and spot a bunch of tadpoles doing a Bollywood item number.

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She had a successful career and owned a nice house where she could raise a child. If I said no, Tina could try thawing her pre-chemo eggs and looking for an anonymous donor.

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So what happens if, say, a couple from Bandra use sperm from donor X, and another couple from Chinchpokli also use a sample from donor X, and the Bandra couple have a son B, and the Chinchpokli couple have a daughter C, and B and C meet in college, and fall in love and get married and have kids? My reply felt unequal to the situation: As far as the government was concerned, she was a single parent. If my oldest friends were getting cancer, why not me?

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Her oncologist had agreed to delay the chemo only long enough for her to have one period: Right now, because of the summer vacation, there aren't too many students. They are writhing and squirming to an unknown beat, their long tails flicking rapidly. Three months later, I received another e-mail:

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