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All around the bikini goddess, the walls are covered with photographs or paintings of women dressed just about enough to make it to a room like this. What motivates the donor is a more difficult question to answer. His viewpoint on the merits of openness garners sympathy from Dilip Patil, director of Cryos International, Mumbai's first international sperm bank. But the ICMR guidelines are not laws yet, and there is no legal provision to stop a cash-starved or greedy sperm bank from selling as many samples as it likes of a particularly fertile donor.

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How does he convince them? Considering the quantity of female nudity on display, does he ever worry about the police harassing him on obscenity charges? Either the sperm count of their semen is low, or there is some abnormality in the sperm," says Dr Bajaj, and Cryos's Patil too has a similar rejection percentage. For some, like Pawar, it's the money.

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To make life easy for donors who don't believe in the print media, there is a flat screen TV and a DVD player, on which you can watch porn for a noble cause. For some, like Pawar, it's the money.

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I'll treat every child as if it's my own. Right now, because of the summer vacation, there aren't too many students. A female torso, with all but the relevant parts amputated.

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