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The first clip comes from Facial Abuse and the fat black hobo-bitch at the end that quite hilariously claimed to be allergic to jizz is from Black Vagina Finder. I avoid doing blowjobs for the first event. Semen Makes Her Gag Epic retching. Bad Aim German dude gets blasted in the face by a fat wad of his own man sauce and nearly pukes all over himself.

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The chemical composition can be found here: Porn Noob Pwns Himself Big fat curved penis sends a fresh wad of home cooked Twinky filling right back into the face of it's creator. I took them off to make it better for us lol. Not a bad skill to develop if you are a bit on the promiscuous side.

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Not a bad skill to develop if you are a bit on the promiscuous side. I had moved back to take it out from his underwear, asking him, what was the stickyness on the head of his penis, did you cum? Days later we watch a porn movie on TV.

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Both of these begin to putrify when air hits them and that gives the slightly unpleasant odor. She dropped them in the laundry bin and the next day, my mother went nuts. I recall an old maid, uptight church organist whose sample showed lots of sperm. He loved kissing, playing with them as much as I did.

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