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If I do nothing, two days! Golden nugget walk to strip.

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The results can be accurately summed by her reaction to the modified spell. An episode of Wicked Science has a female character grow a beard after her Mad Scientist friend tried to cure her baldness. Naser al Din Shah, Qajar Shahanshah of Iran had a thing for girls with moustaches he had a Badass Mustache of epic proportions himself. Team Fortress 2 has Australia, where this is actually the norm for women due to Australium.

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In Monty Python's Life of Brian , some women had unconvincingly disguised themselves as men, complete with big bushy beards, in order to attend a stoning. He convinces her and the other freaks to quit the freak tour and follow their dreams—in her case, being a realtor.

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Grace had a Jamie Hyneman 'stache as a part of a MythBusters -themed filler arc. Big bone lick state park fishing. She ended up being romantically involved with one of the main characters.

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