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Due to illegal kidney trading activity in India, kidney donation from unrelated members have been denied. I still would do my parht and listen to the shabads, but does that make it wrong to drink?? He has been on dialysis since Feb 2013. This has been happening since day 1 almost.

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His family is rude to me. You can search for me under AmritBeauty... Am I a good sikh if I recite Japji sahib and rehras daily but have cut hair, or are pagwala better sikhs even if they take intoxicants. WJkKWJF, I am a female that took Amrit years ago and didn't think too much about the hair - only when I went all natural did I see the extent of hair that I had on my cheeks, chin, upper lip, neck and body.

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I could do with some advice on how to be a better person? I am not an Alcoholic. Living this lifestyle has made him rather weak.

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I have however cut hair. Sat Sri Akal I am not sure if anyone can help - i have been married for 16 years now, my husband cheats with other women, online, on the phone and i daren't think how else. Why do Sikhs choose to drink?

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