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After all, naked mole rats are crazy sexy, right? I just sat there. Like something was missing.

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She told me to have a seat in one of two barber-shop type chairs, while she tended to the woman seated in the other one. I mean, my eyebrows were pretty well groomed or so I thought and yet it was clear that she was amassing enough hair to stuff a couch.

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The genes for having a teeny tiny mustache are carried on the X chromosomes of both sides of my family. I leaned back in the chair, and the technician pulled a new length of thread from the spool. She told me to have a seat in one of two barber-shop type chairs, while she tended to the woman seated in the other one. My nose was running and my eyes were red and teary, but I was smiling like a lunatic, which could not have been at all comforting to her.

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