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Just look out for the tweakers, and Why does Meth cause paranoia? Many meth addicts stay awake for weeks at a time causing mood swings, irritability and paranoia.

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I was locking up the truck box and I saw a little dog trying to get into the front door of the house on the corner where the tweakers were squatting. If his shirt is off, he will commonly have pimples speed bumps all over his back and possibly the chest. Kyle Medina Bill Peppas - December 10, 2015.

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Meth or no meth -- that's just self-inflicted insanity. However I do like the fact that corded drills, despite their faults last a lifetime unless they are extremely cheap ones or they are used professionally — although there was plenty of 30 year The odd artifacts of 3-strip are a lot harder to replicate, like the halation on the blue record that caused bright points of light to have a magenta halo: If you see a tweaker up close, you might notice that his eyes are darting rapidly around and he is almost shaking even though he is trying to stand still.

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